NACS Show 2023,Tactiq,DSD solutions,Invoi,Pipeline

Find out how we improve efficiency and profitability for DSD users.

Read till the end and get a chance to win a prize at NACS!

Tactiq is a leading provider of technology services for companies that utilize direct store delivery (DSD) services in their business.

We are excited to announce our attendance at the NACS Show 2023, the world’s largest convenience store and fuel retailing trade show.


NACS Show 2023,Tactiq,DSD solutions,Invoi,Pipeline

At the NACS Show, Tactiq will be showcasing its latest solutions for DSD businesses, including:

Invoi: Consolidated Invoicing and Price Book Enforcement Solutions

Manage error-free accounts receivables and keep accurate price books across multiple accounts. Our Invoi technology makes it easier to eliminate invoice errors, avoid fees and penalties, and receive payments quickly.


Pipeline: Out-of-Stock Management Solutions

When stores experience out of stocks, they lose money. Pipeline is a communications app that leverages data to maximize DSD sales, streamline operational processes, and improve visibility and communication.

Does your business struggle with DSD? If so, come learn how we can help.

Engage with Tactiq’s seasoned experts to delve into the DSD challenges and opportunities that manufacturers, distributors, and retailers face. Discover firsthand how our innovative solutions directly tackle these challenges, propelling businesses towards their objectives.

If you are a business using DSD services and attending the NACS Show, we encourage you to stop by the Tactiq booth (BC5709) to learn more about how our solutions can help you improve your DSD operations.

How Tactiq helps manufacturers and distributors optimize their DSD operations:

  • Get Paid On Time
  • Automate Data Entry & Collections
  • Increase Cash Flow
  • Easily Track Payment Status
  • Maximize DSD Category Sales
  • Streamline Operational Processes
  • Improve Visibility and Communication

How Tactiq helps retailers unlock efficiency and profitability:

  • Manage Out-Of-Stocks in Minutes
  • Maximize DSD Category Sales
  • Streamline Operational Processes
  • Improve Visibility & Communication
  • Stop Receiving Bad Invoices
  • Maintain Consistent Price Books
  • Process Invoices Faster
  • Strengthen Vendor Relationships

We look forward to seeing you at the NACS Show!

Please stop by our booth (BC5709) at the NACS show. We’d love to meet and hear more about your business.

See you there and Win Retail!