Make Solving Out-Of-Stock Management Issues a Thing of the Past

Pipeline Communication App ensures shoppers have the products they want most, exactly when they want them

  • Increase Sales & Efficiencies
  • Streamline Operational Processes
  • Improve Visibility & Communication

When Stores Run Out of DSD Products, Businesses Lose Money

When shelves are empty nobody is making money. Inefficient communication systems amongst retailers, distributors, and manufacturers create an out-of-stock problem.


Retail stores struggle with being understaffed and keeping up with out-of-stocks.

Manufacturers & Distributors

Manufacturers and distributors struggle with visibility into stores, knowing when they need more product.

  • 50% of shoppers have left a store because a product they wanted was out-of-stock
  • 1/3 of shoppers will leave if 2 items are out-of-stock
  • 2/3 of shoppers will leave if 3 items are out-of-stock
Pipeline application
Pipeline application

Pipeline Streamlines Communication to Cost-Effectively Replenish Out-Of-Stock Items

  • Retailers easily resolve out-of-stock conditions, even with a small staff
  • Streamline communications between store and DSD Vendors during every step of the process
  • Quickly access out-of-stock ticketing and analytics

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How does it work?

Without needing to track down the product vendor, one-click routes the out-of-stock items to the right distributor.


Retailers Scan Out-Of-Stocks

With a handheld, staff quickly scans all DSD products and a notification to DSD vendors is automatically generated.


With One Click, Distributors Receive Communication

A quick click on your handheld and out-of-stocks are consolidated and routed to DSD vendors so they can take action.


Track End-To-End Ticket Reporting

Real-time item-level tracking and direct communication happens between distributors and retailers, removing the guesswork.


See Profits Grow

Eliminating Out-Of-Stocks = Happy Customers

chart sales increase

See a 10% Increase in Sales When Using Pipeline Just 5 Minutes a Week

“Before Tactiq’s communication software, inventory management was manual, time-consuming, and costing us money in lost sales. Switching to Tactiq’s Pipeline technology has saved us significant amounts of time because our employees can now quickly scan out-of-stocks and automatically notify the DSD vendor without ever needing to spend time looking up which vendor delivers each product. Our same store DSD sales started growing in just 30 days. I can’t recommend this necessary technology enough!”

– Sr. Director of Sales, Major Small Format Retail Chain

Pipeline FAQs

Implementing a new system is a big deal. How do you help?

Our experienced implementation team ensures a quick and smooth transition that requires little effort from your staff. We do all the work to set up an API that connects with your internal systems and we help onboard each of your vendors.

I’m a retailer, isn’t this just one more thing to add to my busy staff?

We understand that your employees already spend too much time overcoming communication challenges trying to track down and contact the right vendor to service your stores. Pipeline was designed with this in mind and replaces the tedious work with easy-to-use software that only takes minutes a week and requires no knowledge from your staff of who the proper vendor should be.

Our distributor contacts change often, how do we manage these frequent changes?

We know this challenge better than anyone and our software is designed to make updating your contacts quick and simple, allowing you to make updates as frequently as you need.

I’m a distributor, will I have to respond to every ticket individually? That seems like a lot of work.

No. As a distributor, you have the option to respond to a single ticket or send a single response to all tickets of the same type.

Do you have analytics to review detail and ticket history?

Yes. Pipeline has a built-in analytics feature that allows all parties to see details of every ticket as well as the ticket history and trends overtime.

How can you help us track our sales increase?

Our detailed analytics platform enables you to track a wide range of data, including sales lift and store engagement.

I’m a retailer, what else does Pipeline do besides out-of-stock communication?

Pipeline also allows you to submit credit requests, vendor-owned equipment issues, and general service requests, directly and efficiently to the proper vendor.

Customers Deserve a More Consistent Shopping Experience

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