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Boost Revenue With Easy Out-Of-Stock Management

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Ensuring your shelves are always stocked is challenging. We get it. Limited and time-constrained staff, inefficient communication with vendors, and unpredictable buying habits of customers makes out-of-stocks costly to your bottom line and leaves customers with a negative shopping experience.

Pipeline is designed to solve all of that. By streamlining communication to your DSD vendors, Pipeline enables your employees to never worry about who, when, or how to contact your DSD vendors. And best of all, Pipeline ensures your shelves are always stocked, boosting your sales, and keeping your customers satisfied.

  • Manage Out-Of-Stocks in Minutes
  • Maximize DSD Category Sales
  • Streamline Operational Processes
  • Improve Visibility & Communication

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Simplify Invoice Processing & Ensure Accurate Price Books

invoi application

Processing thousands of invoices under hundreds of vendors, dealing with unauthorized products, and ensuring prices are accurate is challenging and time consuming. Invoi streamlines your accounts payable processing through easy to use software that integrates with your accounting systems. Our software consolidates your invoices into a single EDI file, verifies them for complete accuracy, submits them to you under a single vendor number, and then handles the disbursement of funds to each vendor.

We reduce the number of price books you maintain, do the heavy lifting of validating accurate price books and reduce the hours needed to get payments out to your vendors.

Simplify your payment processing and strengthen your vendor relationships with Invoi.

  • Stop Receiving Bad Invoices
  • Maintain Consistent Price Books
  • Process Invoices Faster
  • Strengthen Vendor Relationships

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Why Retailers Trust Tactiq

At Tactiq, we are committed to helping retail stores thrive by delivering a positive shopping experience for their customers. We specialize in fostering collaboration between retailers, manufacturers, and distributors, ensuring profitable and efficient operations.

We understand the DSD industry’s unique challenges and the impacts they have on retail stores. That is why we have been developing cutting-edge technologies for over two decades that maximize operational efficiencies. We’ve worked with leading manufacturers, distributors, and retailers across the country, reaching over 40,000+ stores nationwide.

At Tactiq, we are dedicated to providing retailers with the tools they need to succeed in a highly competitive market. Customer satisfaction is vital to driving growth and building customer loyalty. By partnering with us, you can be confident that your stores will have the support they need to meet customer demands and achieve long-term success.

Win retail with Tactiq.

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