how keurig dr. pepper unlocked new retail partnerships & reduced invoice errors by 62

Invoi by Tactiq: The Key to Strategic Growth, Centralized Billing & Price Book Enforcement

Even prominent beverage manufacturers like Keurig Dr. Pepper (KDP) encounter obstacles accessing major retail chains nationwide.

The solution was a strategic shift adopting a centralized billing platform that uses automation to rigorously validate manufacturer invoices before they’re delivered to retailers.

This strategy not only facilitated entry into several national retailers but also streamlined KDP accounts payable resources, eliminated error fees from price book discrepancies, and provided greater visibility into their distributor network.

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woman pharmacist looking at computer

How CVS Transformed Its Retail Operations with Pipeline by Tactiq

Like many small retail stores, CVS relies heavily on the direct-store-delivery (DSD) model to maintain a consistent supply of consumer product goods on its shelves. This model brings unique challenges for retailers, requiring timely support from and constant communication with many independently operated distributors to keep shelves stocked.

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