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Manufacturer Challenges Navigating Retail

4 Common Challenges Faced by Manufacturers and How to Overcome Them Breaking into the retail market is a crucial step for manufacturers aiming to widen the reach of their consumer goods. However, it's a step filled with hurdles and challenges. Recently…

1/5 of All Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Invoices Have Errors

Why it's a problem and what you can do about it Direct Store Delivery (DSD) distribution is complex, and managing invoices is one of the biggest challenges. After processing millions of invoices, we’ve found that 1/5 of all DSD invoices have…

The Challenge for New CPG Brands

Why Retailers Hesitate Onboarding New Brands and How "Invoi" Can Bridge the Gap How to get your product shelf space in large retail chains With the influx of new products and brands constantly vying for shelf space, why do retailers often…
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